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In today’s complex world of coaching, coaching offers a win-win method for developing individuals and organizations. It not only helps individuals reach their full potential, but it also helps the organization improve its productivity and competitiveness. In a rapidly changing business world, coaching can also help adjust and adapt their various skill sets. Coaching is about encouraging, confronting, challenging, questioning, as well as consistently respecting and supporting coaches in developing and achieving their goals.

The coaching relationship is different from many other working relationships you may have encountered in your career. A coach has a special position that isn’t as prescriptive as a manager or as instructive as a mentor; a coach is focused on guiding the individual being coached through their process of discovery and growth. Coaching by definition is action-centered. This is the main thing that differentiates it from counseling. At this point in the coaching engagement, the coach and coachee will have agreed on and co-created a Strategic Action Plan, which defines the goals and activities that the coachee will be working on throughout the remainder of the experience.

Leading from behind is providing guidance through skillful observation and communication techniques that help guide the coachee’s discoveries, self-awareness, and ‘aha’ moments. Keeping the momentum of progress, staying the course, and creating detours characterize the coach’s work in this phase. 

As coaches, we create an atmosphere of trust. Trust makes coaching possible, and the act of coaching strengthens trust while keeping the coaching focused on various goals that will help the coaches improve their performance or close a skill gap. Cultivate a comfortable setting during coaching sessions. Make sure you will not be interrupted. Set a positive tone, and communicate genuine support for the person’s development. Establish ground rules up front. For example, what is said during a coaching session will remain confidential, and each party will agree to fulfill his or her commitments through the coaching process.

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